Chef Sleeves: Disposable iPad Prophylactics

 Clearly the chef cooking here is too stupid to be allowed into the kitchen, let alone given an iPad

Why spend 90 cents on a tough, reusable Ziploc bag when you could spend $20 on a pack of 25 disposable plastic film envelopes? That’s the great, great deal offered to you by the folks at Chef Sleeve, who will sell you thin, waterproof pouches for your iPad at “just” 80 cents apiece.

The Chef Sleeve is — as the name suggests — designed to protect your iPad from spills while cooking. Sized perfectly for the tablet, the bag seals the iPad in with a re-closeable sticky strip and lets the magic meat power of your fingers through to operate the touch screen. It’s also good for any other hostile environment, like the beach (as if you could read the screen anyway) or the bathroom.

It looks like a fine product, and the packaging even doubles as wobbly-looking iPad dock. But it is disposable, and this is not only environmentally hostile but bad for your budget. Yes, the sleeves are recyclable, but that still takes a lot of energy to do.

A Ziploc might be a little bulkier, but it will last forever in this task. And if you head to the FedEx store, you could pick up a zip-locking invoice sleeve. There’s one that seems perfectly sized for the iPad, and it’s probably free. It even comes with a sticky back for permanent refrigerator mounting.

Chef Sleeve product page [Chef Sleeve. Thanks, Michael!]

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